Science Faction 201

November 19, 2017

Allison Gill joins the guys to discuss a life-lengthening drug derived from Amish blood, a rogue herpes study, how hot water freezes faster than cold water,  and how much of Chinese academia is focused on hating black people.



Science Faction 200

November 13, 2017

Bill rejoins the guys for the Big Episode 200 to discuss a super easy cure for diabetes that you can do yourself, how IUDs dramatically cut a woman's cancer risk, and how a huge radioactive cloud covering Europe is evidence of an unknown nuclear accident.


Science Faction 199

November 5, 2017

Our newest Scientist-Guest-Host Bill joins the show to discuss whether Substance Recovery programs actually work, why it's harder for women to quit smoking, and how we discovered that mammoths were super sexist.


Science Faction 198

October 30, 2017

Dr Eva finally rejoins the guys as they discuss how to improve your memory with electric shocks, the discovery of Type 3 Diabetes, a planet that snows sunscreen, and how 10% of people on earth are the product of incest.


Science Faction 197

October 23, 2017

Allison joins the guys to discuss an herbal supplement that causes cancer, a huge mass extinction we didn't even know was happening, how the blood of pregnant women can kill men, and how vaping may be more dangerous than smoking.


Science Faction 196

October 16, 2017

Connor joins the guys to discuss the Super Volcano that will destroy us all, how meditation changes the physical structure of your brain, and how a recently declassified blackout bomb works.


Science Faction 195

October 9, 2017

Connor joins the guys to discuss how America could power itself with evaporation, how Zika Virus became dangerous, and how a huge volcano is about to blow in a populated area.


Science Faction 194

October 2, 2017

The guys welcome a new guest host as they discuss a newly discovered method of waking up coma patients, how we've been horribly wrong about the age of sharks, and the surprising reason that the Tasmanian Wolf went extinct in Australia. 


Science Faction 193

September 25, 2017

In this episode, Naomi joins the guys to discuss a new way to tell if old bones are human, how we might be able to regrow limbs, and the weirdest penis in the animal kingdom.


Science Faction 192

September 18, 2017

One of Science Faction's most interesting scientist guest-hosts talks with the guys about how 70% of the Universe may not actually exist, why scorpion venom hurts more than it should, and how to remove permanent marker using only water.