Science Faction 227

May 20, 2018

Dr Allison joins the guys to talk about parasites that take over our brains, a huge biological mystery that was just solved which can explain how all life started, and the absolute limits of the human lifespan.


Science Faction 226

May 14, 2018

Ian joins the guys to discuss a deadly virus described as "HIV's Cousin", how a mom's coffee habit may be responsible for their child's obesity, and why modern-day people may get migraines because their ancestors were too cold.


Science Faction 225

May 7, 2018

The guys welcome back Bill to discuss how scientists solved a mystery this week regarding the shape of some people's teeth, how Star Trek writers predicted a 2018 neuroscience discovery in 1988, and we tackle the latest Ungoogleable Question.


Science Faction 224

April 30, 2018

The guys are joined by Bill to talk about why inbreeding is killing one major group of orcas, the first ever penis & scrotum transplant, how people are getting UTIs from their dogs, and how fetal ultrasound has never been tested for safety.


Science Faction 223

April 23, 2018

The guys welcome back Dr Eva to talk about the BS behind the "science" of handwriting analysis, how a really common virus might be causing autoimmune diseases in humans, how cancer might actually save your life from something worse, and why having a big spleen can be so sexy.


Science Faction 222

April 16, 2018

In this special episode of Science Faction, the guys broadcast from The San Diego March For Science where they play 'I Call BS' with Margot Wohl from the KPBS show, Rad Scientist.


Science Faction 221

April 9, 2018

Dr Eva joins the guys to discuss how surprise influences the acceptance of new ideas, why cuts will heal faster in the daytime than in the nighttime, and a new monitor lizard discovered that has four eyes.


Science Faction 220

April 2, 2018

A brand new Scientist Guest-Host Alyssa joins us to discuss a gigantic and somehow newly discovered organ in the human body, how stem cells are an effective treatment for chronic binge drinking, and why female mice get sexually aroused by crying.


Science Faction 219

March 26, 2018

Bill joins the guys to discuss a 6-inch tall, alien-looking human body, how to pull your household water right out of the air, and how a super common "natural" essential oil can cause young boys to grow breasts.


Science Faction 218

March 19, 2018

Allison joins the guys to discuss an already approved cancer drug that seems to very effectively treat the social symptoms of autism, how a DIY laser was used to create nuclear fusion, how eating a slug ruined one teenager's life forever, and how many pygmies it would take to beat Shaq in a game of basketball.