Science Faction 193

September 25, 2017

In this episode, Naomi joins the guys to discuss a new way to tell if old bones are human, how we might be able to regrow limbs, and the weirdest penis in the animal kingdom.


Science Faction 192

September 18, 2017

One of Science Faction's most interesting scientist guest-hosts talks with the guys about how 70% of the Universe may not actually exist, why scorpion venom hurts more than it should, and how to remove permanent marker using only water.


Science Faction 191

September 11, 2017

Ian joins the guys to discuss how a single protein could turn old people young again, how you are almost certainly contaminated with microplastics, and why Chicago authorities are warning about Zombie Coyotes. 


Science Faction 190

September 4, 2017

Ian joins the guys to discuss 5.7myo hominid footprints which may change all of human paleontology, a mysterious poison gas that covered an English beach, and the secretly most nutritious part of the avacado.